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Ten years ago, such a group of people appeared in society.


They have colorful and flowing hair, and they wear leggings with explosive models on the floor. The sign is to look up at the sky at a 45-degree angle.


It is said that there is noble blood flowing in their bodies, so they naturally have noble names:


There are different opinions on the exact time of their appearance. At first they were formed in groups, then they became an army, and then they formed a huge network empire.


It is said that the memory of the Internet is only 3 seconds, but after they disappeared like mudslides and sandstorms, they still exist in people's minds, and they can't get rid of them.


In retrospect, the Internet in those years was simply a large-scale magical scene.


This huge group of young people smeared their nonsense negative thoughts everywhere.


Looking at the entire network at that time, there were sentimental and hypocritical Martian texts:


Spicy eyes and embarrassing earthy mad hi:


They cause people to laugh and be confusing, like a collective hysteria that was caught off guard. They are still the laughing stock of people after a meal.


But when I mention them now, I don’t want to laugh, but I want to study a problem with everyone:


From the 1990s to the first ten years of the beginning of the century, China's urbanization process was fully advanced.


At that time, even in the most remote towns, people's thinking and concepts have undergone earth-shaking changes.


In the face of the huge difference in income, part-time work must be done. More and more migrant workers are entering the city, leaving behind countless left-behind children.


In 2004, the Ministry of Information Industry issued a pilot notice for the "Village to Village" project.


This is a national system project, including highways, drinking water, telephone lines, cable television networks and the Internet, and its purpose is to promote the rapid development of urban and rural economies.


A few years later, with the formal operation of the "Village Link" system project, the Internet gradually entered countless remote and declining Chinese towns in the form of Internet cafes.


Along with this mighty historical process, a large number of left-behind children grew up sadly during those ten years.


They came from humble backgrounds and poor families. The popularization of nine-year compulsory education has allowed them to read and write, but the cruel reality makes it difficult for them to embark on a bright and smooth path.


In the face of life, they are lonely and confused; in the face of society, they are insignificant and humble; the resentment and suffering of growth, the impoverishment and paleness of life, what else to say?


Such a group of people is undoubtedly the best audience on the Internet.


The small, cramped Internet cafe is their holy place for healing.


The outside world was placed in front of them through a network cable. The big-headed phone and the grease-stained keyboard can reach the ends of the world, and you can talk to strangers thousands of miles away with heartfelt and sympathy.


For five dollars, you can be anyone, just dream and far away, come to talk about online dating, do love affairs, and have a night chat. You can be a cruel and decent deserter without paying much.


Perhaps on such a night, they met her.


Shen Ke, born on October 22, 1987 in Shaoyang, Hunan, is a mainland Chinese rapper and internet celebrity.


Her appearance has allowed countless young people in small towns to find spiritual resonance.


She started in the pre-network era when the Internet was just beginning to become popular. In 2004, she started to get in touch with some underground cultures, including Gothic culture, metal music, rap, etc., and was called the "non-mainstream leader" on the Internet because of its popularity. Earlier, he belonged to the originator-level figure of the former Internet celebrity economic era.

她从互联网时代开始流行之前的网络时代开始。 2004年,她开始接触一些地下文化,包括哥特文化,金属音乐,说唱等,并因其受欢迎而被称为互联网上的“非主流领袖”。此前,他属于前互联网名人经济时代的创始者级人物。

On the Internet, her photos and stories first attracted widespread attention.


Thrilling and exaggerated Gothic makeup, avant-garde personality, tattoos, smoking, drinking, depression, these decadent tones, all convey a negative emotion of confusion, loneliness, and self-abandonment.


At this time, Shen Ke was 17 years old and possessed the psychological traits shared by young people in marginal towns.


The urbanization process is deepening, and their parents have left their hometowns, lacking company and care, and they are ignored by family.


The torrent of the times entraps them in a society of natural selection and survival of the fittest. They drop out of school to work, have no longevity, and are ignorant of the world. They are in a rushed crowd, a cold city, and a society where no attention is paid. Unable to step on a footprint.


Looking at China’s 900 million rural household registrations, how many young people have grown up in the same circumstances?




Man is a social animal, and fear of loneliness has been rooted in human genes.


So when socializing, the lonely young people in the small town are destined to come together and hug together to keep warm.


Every young man in a small town is doing a job that is not very decent to them.


Install parts for children's toys, become a stub robot on the assembly line, pass sewers, or work as a pieceworker in a small workshop.


At the bottom of the city, they are unlikely to be friends with high-end elites in high-end office buildings. Even if they speak the same words, they do not use the same language.


Education, culture, background, and experience determine that they cannot be the same kind of people.


Shen Ke and the fashionistas who became popular on the Internet at the same time have allowed countless young people to find spiritual resonance.


The worship of the same spiritual leader brings them closer and closer.


From the idols, they screened out the internal characteristics of empathy, and the external presentations that they lack but can understand, and then added and subtracted a bit in the expression of psychological needs——


As a result, the image of a young killer who integrates various social cultures was formed.


On weekdays, they washed away the vanity and face to the sky, plunged into the vast sea of ​​people and disappeared;


On the rest day, they dressed up and went out to the streets just to leave traces of their existence in this city.


Just like a fragile egg, holding a sharp knife, struggling to carve a few handwritings on the hard stone.


Through this distinctive cultural symbol, they can easily find each other on the Internet and in the real world.


As a result, they gradually formed a huge group of similar ages, similar circumstances, and the same pain.


They use the Internet as a medium, gather on a large scale in the form of family groups, and are active in QQ and Tieba.


From the founder to the founder, deputy creator, patriarch, commander, director, propaganda, image endorsement and review, they have a sound management model and perfect management system, and their organizational structure is as rigorous as a large enterprise.


At the same time, because of them, the Internet also began to show the vision of a flurry of demons. Waves of moths sent them to the forefront again and again.


The group allows them to complete the acquisition of self-identity and also find a sense of belonging they have never had before. But the collective loneliness and confusion made them lose themselves gradually.


In social psychology, groups have such characteristics: they are impulsive, impatient, changeable, and easy to accept hints. No matter whether the emotions they show are good or bad, they are exaggerated but simple in nature.


These characteristics determine that any group has extreme and blind commonality.


So when this group is all boys and girls in the rebellious period, it will bring about ideological rewriting.


Their rebellion and the encounter of the group are destined to blindly sublimate the group. Immature minds are more likely to be induced and influenced by negative information.


So many depressed young people appear in the same group. This is a social phenomenon that has never occurred before the birth of the Internet.


Looking at the words they left on the Internet, whether it is their outlook on life, love or the world, Kill Matt’s group emotions all present a highly unified painful tone, and they have always used various exaggerated forms to highlight this tone. This is undoubtedly a negative emotion.


Since the mood of the group is simple, what does the collective pain of killing Matt youth express?


If the self-harm of depressed patients is a signal for help, are these young people crying for help?


Ask the whole society for help?


In today's society, the chain of contempt is an uneven fold.


At the end of the 1970s, the spring breeze of reforms came in, the Chinese people trembled, and my country's market economy began to develop rapidly.


In the mid-1980s, the policy of “getting rich first and getting rich later” successfully opened up the “road to a strong country”. The urban civilization was advancing courageously. With the great change of ideas and concepts, the separation of urban and rural areas inevitably kicked off.


In the 1990s, the process of urbanization was intensified, the urban and rural economy was highly developed, and the lagging rural culture was rapidly impacted by the hyperactive urban civilization. In the new century, two trains collided at high speeds, knocking out an entire generation of people.


The young men who killed Matt were born in the collision. They have no cultural background, they don’t understand Descartes, they don’t know who is Mishima Yukio, they don’t understand Gauguin, they don’t understand Monet, let alone any artistic, aesthetic and literary attainments, and there is no reasonable way to obtain mainstream values. No guidance.


Therefore, in the eyes of the mainstream crowd, Killing Matt has become a group of clowns who frequently behave in the middle of the world, and they are not used to look down on it. Compared to not having them, cold eyes and ridicule are the highest courtesy to them.

因此,在主流人群的眼中,基林·马特(Killing Matt)已成为一群经常在世界中部表现的小丑,他们并不习惯对它的鄙视。与没有它们相比,冷眼和嘲讽是对他们的最高礼貌。

A wall that cannot be pushed down, a heart that cannot be shaken, a city that cannot be integrated.


A group of thirteen unreliable people, mindless, unhappy, unable to see the future and hope, can only use their clumsy performance to complete the accusation against the whole society.


Around 2010, as the huge group of Killing Matt had too great an impact on mainstream values, while gaining widespread attention from society, it also ushered in the ultimate trial of the entire mainstream society.

在2010年左亚博app买足彩右,庞大的Killing Matt群体对主流价值观产生了巨大影响,同时获得了社会的广泛关注,它也迎来了整个主流社会的终极审判。

An anti-killing operation that affected real life began...


Numerous killing Matt family groups have been hacked many times, and the naval forces have poured in, unable to conduct normal conversations. At the same time, a large number of anti-killing Matt posts and comments have also emerged on the post bar and forum.


Not only that, the anti-killing operation also penetrated into real life, and many Kill Matt members were beaten and driven on the street.


Insults, verbal abuse, threats, human flesh, personal attacks...


For the safety of family members, the founder can only disband the QQ group.


Since then, this huge empire that once dominated the Internet has disappeared.


Looking back at this ridiculous farce of the era, this group of people has unique thinking and orderly, moved their minds to transform words, and devoted themselves to the creation of culture.


The order, hierarchy, contradiction, ideological transformation, character transformation, and cultural symbols created by them, although they look ridiculous, are like the embryonic form of civilization.


If all this is not done in the collective subconscious, if the society can give correct guidance and tolerance, if the waves of the times can send them farther...


Perhaps it will become a new cultural journey.


That picture, I dare not imagine.


Of course, all these aspects also reflect that the appearance of Kill Matt is a perfect time and place, and it is not accidental. Its rise and decline are the fuel of the times and the product of social illnesses.

当然,所有这些方面也反映出,Kill Matt的出现是一个完美的时间和地点,并非偶然。它的兴衰是时代的动力和社会疾病的产物。

In 2020, the first batch of post-90s will be 30 years old, and the killers of that year have also been scattered across the world.


With the advent of the Internet celebrity economic era, some familiar figures have appeared on many small video platforms.


But at the moment these are the products of the new era. They are the variants of aesthetic curiosity and the Internet celebrity economy. They are no longer the killers of the past.


In the column of "Talking to Strangers" at Station B in 2017, the host Xiaonan once asked Luo Fuxing, the "Killing Godfather of Matt", this question:


Luo Fuxing replied frankly:

luo F U形replied Frank留言:

This answer is very sincere.


The times are not benevolent, and they never pity outdated creations.


And many years later, those who used to make fun of killing Matt for fun, and realized that they were decent. After trying to become a gangster and get swollen and swollen on the road, they will understand better, who can define who is decent and who is not decent, who is mainstream and who is not. The mainstream is always powerful power and capital, which are pervasive and discipline everything.


Many of the superiority you have now are just illusions created by them, and the essence has nothing to do with you.


Even if your thoughts and the mainstream are in harmony, who can guarantee that when the next turn comes, you will not become a non-mainstream?


The era of killing Matt was gone, and the rushing tide of the era engulfed everyone who didn't want to be left behind. No one had the time to stop and comfort them.


As for the wounds beaten by the waves, of course they will not heal easily, but they have to be hidden, and they have to pretend to be a waver, telling themselves to stand up and look forward.