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According to the original schedule, the fourth round of the 2020 Super League will be fully launched last weekend. But now because of the impact of the new crown epidemic, there are still many Chinese Super League teams scattered all over the world.


If you count the national football in the training camp, at most 11 Chinese teams will be training in the UAE at the same time. Many fans even joked, "Just play in a small league in the UAE!"


Although the start date of the Chinese Super League is pending, due to the outbreak of the epidemic abroad, the teams have begun to embark on the road to homecoming, self-isolating at home and looking for the next domestic training center. However, how this exceptionally long winter break will end is still unknown.


Text / Song Xinyu

text / song X in语

Editor / Guo Yang

editor / G UO yang

North American sports were suspended, and the five major leagues were suspended. After the suspension of Chinese sports for more than two months, world sports have also been suspended one after another. When major sports apps were opened, the schedule was full of "postpones", which made people feel bored.


The suspension of the league is a major event that affects the whole body no matter where it is placed. The commercial revenue of the team, the overall broadcast revenue of the league, and the marketing return of the sponsors, each party has suffered immeasurable losses.


Therefore, when the domestic epidemic is gradually under control, more and more people are looking forward to the early recovery of the Chinese Super League. It is even possible that the Chinese Super League can become one of the few football leagues in the world that can be played in the future. I don’t know if This is really the case, what will the outflow foreign aid think...


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In addition, how the teams and clubs face the lockout period is the focus of most ordinary fans.


Nowadays, the CBA has already heard the discussion about changing to the tournament system and restarting the game. It is the current voice in mid-to-early April. When the Chinese Super League will resume, there is still no conclusion.


This winter break, which was compressed by last season's schedule, seemed short and busy, and therefore became extremely long.




From the shortest winter break to the longest training camp


Long training camps have always been the most criticized traditional feature of Chinese men's football. However, under the epidemic situation, the Chinese Super League teams that are still in the state of winter training are forced to maintain a long-term training camp.


↓Statistics on winter training of Chinese Super League teams (data from the Internet)


"Plans can't keep up with changes" is the most true portrayal of every Super League team this winter break.


As a newcomer to the Super League, Shijiazhuang Yongchang is the first team to start winter training. As early as mid-December last year, the team started the first phase of winter training in Haikou until the Spring Festival, and after a short Spring Festival holiday, at the end of January, the Yongchang team went to Abu Dhabi to start the second phase of winter training.


However, as the domestic epidemic continued, Yongchang had to extend the training period. The club staff also told the Kryptonian reporter: “Due to the domestic epidemic situation and the postponement of the league, the training period in Abu Dhabi can only be extended. In fact, it has been training here until now. There is still a specific one for the time being. Return date, but depending on the situation, I should plan to return to China in late March."


Starting from the first phase of winter training, Yongchang has been training for more than 70 days in three months. Such a long training period inevitably has some impact on the player's state.


"It's true that we have been outside for a long time. We are also trying to adjust the mental state of the players. For example, during the training process, we have a holiday. Now we can only take one step and see one step." In order to prevent the players from training for a long time. In the training process is too boring, Yongchang also changed the hotel and training venues to keep the freshness.


Evergrande, which is also training in the UAE, is also experiencing the pain of long training. So far, the defending champion has conceded ten goals in three warm-up matches in Dubai and one is not won. It can be seen that the negative impact of the training camp on the players' condition has begun to take place.


Evergrande also ended the Dubai winter training on March 11 and returned to China for the holiday


In contrast, this situation is more obvious in the Wuhan Zall team, which is still in Spanish winter training. As the hardest hit area, the Zall players who have left Wuhan since January 6 have now been outside for more than two months. time.


To this end, the team continues to organize activities to invigorate the team atmosphere in addition to training sessions, such as table tennis matches within the team and being invited to watch La Liga national derby.


According to reports, Zall also set foot on his way home on the 14th. Perhaps just as Zall’s foreign aid Baptistang said-"China is now the safest place."


Indeed, more and more teams are embarking on the road to return to China. On the one hand, the overseas epidemic has spread, and on the other hand, the epidemic control situation in many domestic cities is good. At this time, choosing to return to China one after another can also give the players a short vacation to soothe their exhausted body and mind.


As the AFC announced the postponement of the group stage, SIPG, which has been in Dubai for more than a month, decisively chose to return to China to make adjustments. Guoan also cancelled the original fourth phase of the winter training in Dubai and the team returned to Beijing. It is reported that Guoan will go to Haikou for training in the next stage, waiting for the latest news of the league.


However, such a long winter break is not completely unprofitable. Many teams have said that this period has made the team's injury situation a lot better, whether it is a new injury, an old injury or a recent comeback, just take advantage of this period. Time can take a good rest.




Preparation for a battle is from one push to the next, to the next push to the next


In fact, the problem of how to ensure the player's condition under long-term training is not the biggest problem facing the Super League teams.


The overall postponement of the league means that the teams have been disrupted in the training that was originally specified in the schedule.


Shenhua, who was originally scheduled to prepare for the Super Bowl on February 5 in Japan, received a notice of cancellation of the Super Bowl during the first phase of the winter training in Haikou last year. Therefore, Shenhua canceled the arrangement of going to Japan for winter training and decided to fly to Perth ahead of schedule after the year, and prepare for Australia to prepare for the match against Perth on February 11.


However, the day before the departure, the Australian government began to restrict the entry of Chinese citizens on February 1. As a last resort, Shenhua could only temporarily change the overseas training center to Dubai.


From Japan to Australia and then to Dubai, Shenhua's overseas winter training this year has had twists and turns


When the AFC postponed the first round of the AFC group stage to April 7 for the first time, the club staff stated: "The team used to prepare for the first match on April 7. The postponement is equivalent to the previous match. The training in Haikou and the first stage in Dubai are all for nothing. Now the head coach has a headache because the winter training cannot be interrupted. But he can't keep training without rest, so the team is not in good shape, so the players have to take a holiday. If time changes again, then you have to change again."


Unexpectedly, the word became true, and the postponement to the group stage after May has made the preparation plans of the few AFC teams again ruined.


"The biggest headache right now is not knowing when to play. This means that the head coach has no way to make a training plan. He can only practice for a while and leave for a while."


Suning has experienced two Dubai winter training. Seeing that the start of the Chinese Super League has not been decided yet, and there is no need to play the AFC Champions League, Suning simply ended the second phase of the Dubai winter training at the end of February and returned to China on standby. Olaruoyu also gave the team a holiday, and the specific recovery training time will be determined according to the start time of the league.


Shijiazhuang Yongchang also told the Kryptonian reporter: "From the team's perspective, the biggest problem is that there is no way to do a long-term overall plan. It can only be said to wait and see to make their own preparation plans. But now all teams are facing. This situation, so it is fair for every team."


For the schedule that may be compressed after the start, it did not cause much trouble to the teams.


"As far as the schedule is concerned, the Football Association has not yet determined, but from the perspective of the AFC, the overall length is also elongated. If the Chinese Super League can start in April and May and play until the end of the season like last season, it is actually the normal season length. Almost. The pressure on the third line (league, AFC, FA Cup) is not particularly high."


In addition to the AFC Champions League teams, the Chinese Super League team also believes that the intensive schedule will not cause too much trouble for the team. "Everyone has the same schedule. As a newly promoted team, there is no pressure from multiple lines. We may have more physical reserves. There is an advantage."

除了亚冠联赛外,中国超级联赛队还认为,紧张的赛程不会给球队造成太多麻烦。 “每个人都有相同的时间表。作为一个新晋升的团队,没有来自多个生产线的压力。我们可能会有更多的身体储备。这是有优势的。”

Speaking of the players' physical reserves, Yongchang also specifically mentioned to the Krypton reporters the "Spring Training" that has attracted widespread attention recently.


"Football does require skills, but physical fitness cannot be ignored. This is the basis of an athlete. In fact, this spring training of the Football Association is also a guidance document calling on the teams to train hard, and it is also the implementation of the overall requirements of the General Administration. Mandatory testing is required."


"From the perspective of our club, our physical fitness reserve is an important subject of our winter training. It is the same as the starting point of the Football Association and the General Administration. The twelve-minute running and YOYO have always been our regular training methods. But fans may not Knowing the specific situation too well, the popularity of Chinese football is very high, and it has attracted attention. In fact, there is no need to make some excessive interpretations."




The one that should come will always come, the one that should go can't go


To deal with a long and intensive season, physical fitness is part of it, and the other part is the thickness of the lineup. After all, no matter how good the stamina is, the players are not hard-working, and problems will inevitably occur.


With the closing of the transfer window, although the teams have successfully completed their signings, the epidemic has indeed caused some trouble for the teams' signings.


The newly promoted Qingdao Huanghai was close to reaching an agreement with Dutch defender Mike Van der Hoeven, but with the outbreak of the epidemic, the players finally did not choose to join.

新晋升的青岛黄海队已经接近与荷兰后卫Mike Van der Hoeven达成协议,但是随着疫情的爆发,球员们最终没有选择加入。

However, more players have not been affected by the epidemic. Luneng’s newly signed foreign aid Kadar admitted that he was not worried when he joined: "I have been paying attention to the situation of this epidemic, and unfortunately, even if I stay in Italy. In fact, it may not be safer, so I am not worried at all."


Unfortunately, now Italy has really become one of the countries with the worst outbreak in Europe, and the league has been completely suspended. Of course, this is a story.


According to rumors, Yongchang’s foreign aid Morello, who was terminated because of fear of the epidemic, did not do so. According to Yongchang, he revealed to Kryptonian reporters: "This year coincides with Cruzeiro’s 100th birthday. The players themselves have a deep understanding of Cruzeiro. Emotion, considering this and his contribution to us, we only agreed to terminate the contract after communicating.”


In fact, only four days after the termination of the contract, Yongchang signed Oscar as the team’s new foreign aid. It can be seen that the epidemic did not cause much difficulty in the introduction of foreign aid, and even the extended training period gave the teams more time to choose. foreign aid.


A team told a Kryptonian reporter: "Because there will be a three-week transfer window before the start of the game, you can also see the current situation of foreign players through training camps. If you are not satisfied, you will have time to proceed. On the contrary, it is domestic players. Because of the epidemic’s impact, the transfer will be greater."


Due to the epidemic, some Chinese Super League teams have not yet started winter training. Many marginal players from Super League teams are temporarily unable to go for trial training and can only stay in the team. At the same time, because the number of domestic players in the Chinese Super League next season is limited to 27, there are players who cannot leave the team and the team will not be able to vacate places to sign new players.


For example, Shenhua, who once again entered the AFC Champions League by virtue of the FA Cup champion, after the large-scale signing of the winter window, currently has as many as 42 domestic players in the first team, which means that at least 15 players will not be able to enter the new season. Big list, so where do they go in the new season?

例如,申花曾在冬季窗口的大规模签约后凭借足总杯冠军再次进入亚足联冠军联赛,目前在第一队中有多达42名国内球员。 15名球员将无法进入新赛季。大名单,那么他们在新赛季去了哪里?

"The wandering people miss you outside. Dear mother; wandering footsteps are everywhere, without a home."


The lyrics in Chen Xing's "Wandering Song" may sing the aspirations of all current Super League teams. Waiting for the epidemic to pass, waiting for the game to start, waiting for a real new life.